Diversity Value

Adding value to Diversity

Our DNI Consulting practice

Diversity Value is the DNI consulting arm of Search Value. Diversity Value has been founded with the vision to help organisations craft and drive their relevant DNI agendas.

We work with some world class DNI practitioners and co- curate the DNI understanding, strategy and implementation to make organisations more diverse in their thinking and inclusive in their culture.

We are passionate about diversity in thinking and building truly inclusive work places. We are always looking to partner with like minded organisations and DNI practioners who think of DNI as going beyond just achievement of gender related hiring.

As part of our DNI practice, we interact with diversity talent across India and South Asia to help them achieve their goals in the workplace.

The two key areas of interest for Diversity Value are:

  • Hiring of Diverse talent – women and differently abled leaders
  • Helping listed organisations hire women on boards

We walk the extra mile to add value to diversity.