Our Search practice

At Search Value, we specialize in hiring critical and top management positions. We work closely with some of the biggest and well-known business leaders across corporate India & South Asia for roles, which are truly "critical to the organization" and have an impact on near term and long-term sustainable growth of the organization. We possess a strong understanding of our clients' business landscape. At every stage of the relationship, we guarantee utmost discretion & confidentiality, as sought by the client & candidates alike.

We stand behind every engagement that we undertake, managing client & firm resources by partnering with HR and Business Teams in the client organisation. We view ourselves as an extension of our clients’ management team and always put the client organization’s interest above all else. We see ourselves as credible ambassadors of their organization in the larger marketplace. At Search Value, we believe that when we advise a candidate about a career opportunity with a client, we are also equally responsible for the same and, it is our credibility which is always at stake. We walk that extra mile to add value to your search process.

We define 'CRM' as Candidate Relationship Management, so that our candidates are able to make better informed career decisions. We try our best to give you a balanced view about any opportunity, rather than painting a one-sided rosy picture. If you are a woman leader or a differently abled leader, we will go that extra mile to help you in your career goals.

We realize that the success of an employee within any organization rests on understanding the business landscape, the true fitment to the culture & values of the organization, and its challenges. We at Search Value, undertake this detailed assessment and alignment so that YOU can make the correct choice for your career.

At the end of the day, placing you involves our own credibility in the business and we are very passionate about the same with clients and candidates alike. It is our stated intent that whatever we do in the business, it needs to make a positive difference in your life. We always try and walk that extra mile to add value to your search for the right role.

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  • Indian Promoters
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Our Search Process

A magnified search strategy & approach at Search Value helps our diverse clients to identify best-fit professionals for their business.